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Contents - Indian Journal of Geomorphology, Vol. 17 No.1 (Jan - June), 2012

Anita Singh Diversity of Water Resources Potentials and Development : South Asia - A Case Study  1
Jajnasenti Rout, Adikanda Ojha, Subhasis Pradhan, R N Samal and Ajit Kumar Geomorphological Change Analysis of Chilika Lagoon Inlets - A Case Study  9
Benjamin, Vedhanayagam and G V Rajamanickam 26th December 2004 Tsunami Along the Tamil Nadu Coast and the Observed Geomorphological Changes  25
Sandipan Ghosh and Biswaranjan Mistri Investigating The Causes of Floods in Damodar River of India : A Geographical Perspective  37
Suvendu Roy Embankment Plays Dual Role as Flood Measure and Increasing The Risk of Flood Hazard and Frequency in The Lower Ajay River Basin  51