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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.11 No.1 (Jan - Apr), 2015

Pinki Rani and Chandra K Singh Gender Differences In Parenting Styles And Effects On The Behaviour Development Of 7-8 Years Old Girls  1
M Baskar, S Amutha and P Banumathi Assessment Of Socio Economic And Nutritional Status Of Rural Farm Women  7
Poonam and Shakuntla Punia Within Family Differences In Parental Patterns Of Differential Treatment Of Siblings  17
Sneha Tiwari, Pinki Rani and Chandra K Singh Educational Aspiration As Determinant Of Adolescent’s Academic Achievement  29
K B Vivek, K Kondal Reddy, P V Mallikarjuna Reddy, L V Rao and K Narsaiah Sensory Evaluation Of Dahi Supplemented With Co-Encapsulation Of Pre And Probiotics During Refrigerated Storage  33
M P Rajendra Prasad, B Dayakar Rao,
K Kalpana, C V Ratnavathi,
M Vishnuvardhan Rao and J V Patil
Organoleptic Properties And Nutrient Composition Of Indian Traditional Snack Recipes Prepared From Sorghum  43
Sumalata Byadgi, V S Yadav and
P B Khadi
Marital Satisfaction Among Dual-Earners  49
Preeti Bajpai and Darshan Punia Nutritional Evaluation Of Tomatoes Grown Under Organic And Inorganic Conditions  59
Ravneet Kaur and Harminder Kaur Saini Prevailing Market Trends In The Lower Garments For College Going Girls  65
Priya Kumari and Lata Pujar Problem Solving And Creative Thinking Ability Of High School Children  71
Laitonjam Valentina and Jatinder K Gulati Gender Differences In Peer Relationship Pattern Of Urban Adolescents  79
Yumkhaibam, Anandi Devi and Deepika Vig Personal Values Profile Of Adolescents: A Study Of Gender Differences  89
Rupinder Kaur Grewal, Deepika Vig and Sarita Saini Performance Of Children With Good And Poor Handwriting Across Various Levels Of Visual Perception And Writing Readiness  99