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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.11 No.2 (May - Aug), 2015

Ravneet Kaur and Harminder Kaur Saini Consumer Preferences for Designing Lower Garments through Draping Technique  113
Shruti Shukla and Brijlata Dubey Household Awareness on Health Benefits of Whey and Status of Whey Utilization at Domestic Level in Lucknow District of Uttar Pradesh  125
Deepika Mehta and Swati Vyas Effect of Processing on Nutrient and Anti Nutrient Composition of Underutilized Greens  131
Khwairakpam Sharmila and Sukhminder Kaur Parental Attitude towards Street Children Relating to their Work Performance  145
Charu, P Sandhu and R Bakhshi An Ergonomic Evaluation of Working Environment of Kitchens in Ludhiana City  153
A Karthiayani, M Siddharth and N Varadharaju Enhancing the Shelf Life of Mango (Magnifera indica) under Modified Atmosphere Storage using Diffustion Channel  159
Navjot Kaur and Paramjit Chawla Causative Risk Factors in at Risk Coronary Heart Patients and Organoleptic Evaluation of Recipes based on Fish and Garlic  167
Deepika Sharma and Sheela Sangwan Aggresive Behaviour of Adolescents in Himachal Pradesh  181
Hygienic Practices among the Food Handlers in Fast Food Establishments  187
Mithilesh Verma and Sangeeta Gupta Psychological Effects on Infertile Women  193
Navjot Kaur and Sanjeev Ahuja Nutritional Security and Livelihood Improvement of Rural People Through Integrated Nutrition Garden: Role of Farm Women  197
Sunita Dixit and Shahnaz Jahan Biopolishing Enzymes and their Influence on Colour Fastness Properties on Handloom Cotton  209
Manjulata Rao and Albha Tiwari A Study on Body Mass Index on College Students in Andaman and Nicobar Islands  221
R K Dhanalaxmi and Jyoti V Vastrad Biochemical Studies of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Leaf Extract for Antimicrobial Textile  229
S Mehta, Rajesh Dahiya and M Gupta Capacity Building of Scheduled Caste Women in Pickle Preservation  233
Archana Singh, Pratibha Sharma and
Sumayal Anjum
Need Assessment and Apparel Designing for Preschool Boys  241
J Saikia and
Impact of Sociocultural Background on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents  247
Sangita Kamble and Vishala Patnam Comparison of the Practices Adopted by Parents for Instilling Discipline in their Preschool Children based on their SES  259