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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.12 No.1 (Jan - April), 2016

Rajkumari Jain and Dr. Suman Pant Acceptability of Knit Wears Made of Knitted Cotton and Cotton Blend Khadi Fabrics 1
M M Suma, S K Itagi and S Sankangoudar Parenting Stress of Mothers among Dual and Single Parent Families 9
Anita and Krishna Duhan Impact of Intervention Programme on Cognitive Skills of Institutionalized Adolescents 15
Savita Rathour and Tejpreet K Kang Profile of Adolescents on Modernization 21
A P Khapre and A A Kulthe Formulation and Storage Studies of Guava (Psidium Guajava L.) - Soybean (Glycine Max) Toffee 33
Deepshikha Yadav and Ashu K. Bajwa Awareness of Young Mothers and Their Spouces Towards Sterilization in Slum Areas of Ludhiana City 39
Anusha Punia, Rita Goeal and Been Yadav Awareness and Utilization of Lemon Products 45
Ankita Sharma, Archana Singh, Tara and Ekta Sharma Ecofriendly Dyeing of Mulberry Silk with Beta Vulgaris 51
Puspa V Singh and P Punia Efficacy of Karanja Extract Treated Cotton Fabric against Washing  59
Arpan Saxena, Archana Singh, Ritu Pandey and Meenaxi Tiwari Effect of Various Stiffeners on Dyed Cotton Fabric  67
Ms Jacqueline Pinder and Dr. Emmanuel Janagan Johnson Investigation into Social Worker's Perceptions of Online Counselling in Social Work Practice in Trinidad  77